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As the entire world community is well aware, the territory of Panjshir, which was considered to be the safest region of Afghanistan, has been under attack by the Taliban with the support of transnational, international terrorist groups for more than three weeks.        After having gone through multiple unsuccessful attacks by these groups and the encirclement by the Taliban and the blockade, on September 5, 2021, we the civiliansand residents of Panjshir came under aerial assault carried on by aircrafts and drones of Pakistan’s Army on the territory of the Panjshir gorge. Hundreds of bombs were dropped on our homes, killing dozens of Panjshir civilians, some of whose bodies remain to be collected and buried.

Airstrikes by Pakistani aircrafts changed the balance of the battle in favor of the Taliban in a matter of a mere hour, and the next day the Taliban entered the villages in Panjshir,massacring and looting,and with bayonetsstabbing men and women, young and old, as well as anyone who approached them.

Genocide and ethnic cleansing, in the full sense of these words,is continuing in Panjshir since that day.

Even prior to the attacks on Panjshir, the Taliban had cut off electricity, supply of food and medicine to the region. Panjshir residents now lack access to electricity, bread, primary health care, telecommunications, and the internet. People are deprived of all their inalienable human rights, which is a war crime. The vilegenocideiscontinuing.Despite all this, the international community, human rights, and charitable organizations remain silent in the face of this human tragedy.

The criminal Taliban have executed dozens of families en masse in Ruh, Parion, Dashtak, Anob, Darhel, Obdar and Umarz. If a gunshot is heard from any village, even if no one has been injured, the Taliban indiscriminately shoot the old and the youngwithout any questioning or search.The last such episode took place on September 10 in the village of Darhel. Consequently, fearing for their lives, most Panjshir residents, old and young women, men, and children, have left their homes taking refuge in the mountain caves. Several children have diedin Panjshir’s mountains due hunger and cold.

Hundreds of innocent and peaceful Panjshir youths who were not involved in any armed groups have been arrested and transported behind the front lines by trucks.

We do not know about the fate of our children, and we ask the International Red Cross to help find our children as soon as possible. The Taliban are not giving us the opportunity to bury our children.

Over the past two days, the Taliban have been taking out all residents, without exception, and forcibly expelling them from every captured village of Panjshir. The Taliban gave us a deadline of three days to evacuate ourselves, our children, and belongings from Panjshir. Thedeadlineistomorrow.

We are concerned by some reports that note that via this evacuation the Taliban intend to use weapons of mass destruction against the resistance forces and individuals who still intend to fight them.

We do not know why we must leave our homes. We have nowhere to go. If we had a place to go to, then we would have left prior to the start of the conflict.

Hundreds of Taliban fighters are being stationed in the homes and dwellings of those who have been forcibly evacuated. Another goal of evacuating the locals is to house the nomadic tribes in Panjshir so that we can never return to our homes.

Unfortunately, Panjshir natives who are outside of the province and in Kabul are also being persecuted and tortured. Dozens of young people from Panjshir have been arrested in Kabul, and nothing is known about their fate.Consequently, we also fear for our lives if we are to leave Panjshir.

Without hyperbolizing the real picture of what is happening, we want you to believe that the brutal genocide and ethnic cleansing is continuing inside Panjshir, and people are deprived of basic necessities such as water and medicines. Believe me, we are being subjected to genocide, we are facing a human tragedy that will eventually engulf all of Afghanistan.

Our children, the population of Panjshir in 2001 were an important ally of the world community, especially the United States and the international anti-terrorist coalition in Afghanistan, which contributed to the creation of a new government and the establishment of the international community.

For 20 years, representatives of the world community stood next to the faithful sons of Panjshir to ensure stability and build a single legal society in Afghanistan. Now the United States, the UN, and all international donor organizations, unfortunately, remain silent, and are neutrally observing the crimes of the Taliban and the genocide of their yesterday’s allies Panjshir natives.

We demand that the world community, the UN, the United States, and the International Red Cross prevent the open genocide in Panjshir and prevent the further escalation of this human tragedy.

The Taliban have created an atmosphere of terror and intimidation, slaughter, and aggression in Panjshir. Rest assured, if you do not stop this group in Panjshir today, their crimes will spread like an infection, and you will become an eyewitness to it tomorrow.